To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement, Henderson’s Redware is offering a selection of 17th century pottery based on pieces that were know and used by the Jamestown settlers. The glaze is a food-safe, lead-free green.

Rounded Drinking Jug

About 160z. $21.00 #500

Borderware Porringer

$17.00 #503

Borderware Cup

$17.00 #501

Borderware Candlestick

$23.00 #504

Globular Drinking Mug

$17.00 #502

Borderware Sconce

$17.00 #508

Cistercian ware Black Glaze Tyg and Redware Tyg

Black Glaze Tyg about 160z. $23.00 #505
Redware Tyg about 12 oz. $20.00 $507