Suggestions for Care of Your Redware

Aside from its modern, food safe glaze, Henderson’s Redware is no different than historic redware. Henderson’s Redware is completely functional within the context of its historical usage. It should not be compared to virtually indestructible modern products such as Pyrex or Corelware.

We suggest hand washing and drying your redware thoroughly. Redware is more porous than most manufactured pottery and will absorb water if it is left to soak for an extended period of time. Waterlogged redware may become excessively hot in the microwave, crack in the freezer, and/or leave water marks on wooden surfaces. If you suspect that your redware has become waterlogged, turn it upside-down and let it air dry thoroughly. By using common sense in caring for your pottery, Henderson’s Redware will last to become a family heirloom.