Limited Editions

Occasionally we offer a selection of limited production and one-of-a-kind pieces. These are items made at the potter’s whim and no guarantee is made about availability–PLEASE CALL AND CHECK BEFORE ORDERING. The pieces shown here are examples only, and may vary somewhat from what we actually have on hand.

Earthenware Bird Houses

9 1/2″ tall $28.00

16 Oz Marbled Bowls


1 Gallon Butter Churn

About 13″ in height, with slip trailed decoration. Made on occasion, a real showpiece and completely functional. Dasher included. $100.00

Yellowware Mug, Mocha Decoration
16oz Marbled Bowls


Redware Buckets

A piece Ken made up for personal use at living history demonstrations, these buckets have a rope handle and are either fully glazed or partially glazed with drips (shown).
About 1.5 gallons, $72.00

Marbled Mug

As with our Mocha mugs, the nature of this decoration makes each piece unique. 12oz $19.00