The scrapbook is a collection of pictures and other odds and ends that have accumulated over the years, and which document some of the history of Henderson’s Redware.

Pottery making demonstration for Farnsworth Art Museum at the Christina Olson House in Cushing, Maine. Summer 1994.
Spring 1993, Montsweag Road, Woolwich, Maine. My first batch of pots for sale.
Drying greenware at my first studio in the garage on Montsweag Road.
Ken at work.
The packing table, looking towards the production end of the shop.
Pottery waiting on the shelves.
Looking across the pond at the new shop.
Ken giving a pottery demonstration.
Heather in costume.

Ken at the wheel.

Finishing a board of jugs. Frankfort, Maine 1995.
My “shop” at the 1893 House in Damriscotta, Maine, 1996.

At work in Franknfort.
Heather making plates.
The new shop is 66 feet long!

Electrified sconces and yelloware drying behind some black tea sets that have just come out of the kiln.
Exterior view of the new shop.
Ken giving a pottery demonstration.
Seconds sale at Leonard’s Mills.
The end of a long day of production. Looking at the sun set behind Mt. Waldo.
Pottery making demonstration at Historic Old York, Maine 1993.
Morning sun on the drying racks at my first studio.

The view through the shelves.
The kilns (they’re all easy to get to now!) looking toward the bathroom and packing area.
Ken working on a yellow pie pan.
The view from the door.
Ken giving a pottery demonstration.
Looking past the wheels at the new shop.

Some of Ken’s favorite period illustrations fo potters and potteries.

Customer Photos

Costumers often send me photos of my pottery in their homes. This is a sampling of the many photos that have come to me over the years. I will update this page as new photos arrive.